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New Jerusalem M. B. ChurchGraduations

2023 List of Graduations and Dates.

From Pre-K to Doctorate degrees, submit those graduation dates below. Even if it’s for next year, we would like to keep these dates on file! Thank you!

Charmarion Daniels
Greenville Weston High School
May 26, 2023

Christian Foster
St. Joseph Catholic School
May 25, 2023

Margaret Alexandria Brown
St. Joseph Catholic School
May 25, 2023

Reverend Dr. Authur F. Johnson
University of Mississippi
May 11, 2023

Zacchaeus Wilson
Mississippi Valley State University
May 6th, 2023

Kameron Johnson
Mississippi Delta Community College
May 5, 2023

In an effort to make sure we know when graduations are happening, we’d like for you to fill out the form below. This is a big accomplishment and we want to be sure to know about it! If your child is graduating from Pre-K or you have obtained your Doctorate degree, submit those graduation dates. Your church family wants to celebrate you by supporting you for your graduation day!

If we can’t make it physically to support, we’d definitely want to make sure we acknowledge you during announcements or through other small tokens of appreciation. We’ll try to send reminders around the fall and spring of each year so that you can be sure to submit any graduation dates (for your or someone else in our membership).

Fill out the form below.