If you were to poll African-American Churches across the United States of America, you would undoubtedly discover one missing group in most of those churches…the 18-27 year olds.

This group, known as the Generation X, Y, and Zers, and now the Millennials, are largely absent from many ministries today, leaving a large chasm in the leadership of the black church and also leaving a glaring hole in the moral and spiritual fabric of our nation. If this group is not reached, neither will their children be reached. If their children are not reached, then our nation’s foundation could be overturned.

What is the cause for the loss of this generation? Has God become irrelevant? Not at all. However, many ministries have failed to remain relevant in reaching this group. These ministries are designed to meet young adults where they are and keep them connected to Christ.

Together, we will encourage each other and hold each other accountable to following Jesus, during some of the most tempting times of our lives.

The New Jerusalem College, Singles, and Young Adult Ministry make the Body of Christ stronger, when all ages are on the battlefield.

Events at a Glance. Always check the Event Calendar for details/changes. Be sure to join any ministry/church text groups for last minute cancellations, etc.

  • @ 9:45am - Every Sunday the Young Adults meet for a great discussion of the Word and Life

Sister Lisa Chester &
Sister Cynthia Cannon
College & Singles Ministry Leaders
[P] 662.335.1324

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