Missionary Society Mission/Purpose:

Because Jesus is Lord, the Missionary Society of New Jerusalem M. B. Church provides a weekly meeting for prayer, praise, and worship. The weekly service is a time of fellowship, unity, love, and encouragement. These services empower us to share our faith through witnessing with boldness and confidence.

We are taught and challenged through Biblical Principles to become more Christ-like in our daily walk which strengthens the structure of the family and enhances the work of the local church and community. The Missionary Society is dedicated to serving others and sharing love and concern for the needs of our brothers and sisters. As we serve others, we share our Faith in Jesus Christ and the love he has for us all.

In sharing our Faith, we are ministering to the lost and winning souls for Christ. Jesus said, “Feed My Sheep,” and we are striving to feed His sheep.


Sister Shelia Parker
Missionary Society Ministry Leader
[E] missionministry@njmbc1906.org
[P] 662.335.1324

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