Donation to Ukraine

The New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church is committing to assisting our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are suffering from the effects of attacks and war. As the children’s song says, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands”, we also acknowledge the body of Christ’s call to help whoever and wherever we can, even when those we help don’t look like us.

From our ministry, we will be giving a donation from the funds that we have been blessed with, but we also will be taking up a special collection over the next few weeks to send to a group that we are partnering with (World/Ukraine Missions) from Holly Springs, Mississippi who have a warehouse on the Polish border of Ukraine for direct assistance. This organization also supports humanitarian efforts in Central America, Africa, and Haiti as well as other locations. This partnership could open future opportunities for the NJMBC to continue spreading the gospel and providing support here at home and abroad. If God leads you to give, please use the following ways to donate to this cause:

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  1. Give at Church: Place your financial donation in a church envelope and specify “For Ukraine” on the envelope. This way the church can also account for this giving if you need it for tax purposes. If you write a check, you can make the check payable to New Jerusalem MB Church, but specify that it is for Ukraine on your check.
  2. Give via text: Text “NJMBCGVILLE” to 73256. Select “Ukraine” as an option and you can donate whatever amount you desire. If you are a member already using online giving, you should see this same option there as well.
  3. Give Online: If you are a member and have an account, you can login and choose “Ukraine” as an option and donate whatever amount you desire.

Feel free to share this with anyone, even if they are not a member.