New Member Orientation Class


But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.
2 Peter 3:18

The Christian Life is growth. Every grace and blessing of the gospel is in seed-form and implanted in the new born child of God. If these seeds are watered from heaven and cared for by the individual in conformity to the Word of God they will grow to full maturity.

No matter where we are in our spiritual journey, the sinful world always will challenge our faith. We still have much room for growth. If every day we find some way to draw closer to Christ, we will be prepared to stand for truth in any and all circumstances.

Core Values

Love For God, One AnotherOur highest purpose is to respond to God’s love by loving Him with all of our being, and to love others as we love ourselves.

Live An Exemplary Life As God’s children, we are able to be holy and pure, demonstrating the difference it makes for Christ to live in us.

Make DisciplesChrist has called us to partner with Him in making disciples. This includes witnessing to the lost, taking the Gospel to the nations, teaching and training the believer.

Use Your Spiritual GiftsBecause God has given every believer special enablings, we are to employ these gifts in ministering to others while revealing Christ’s presence in our lives.

Be Good StewardsWe acknowledge that God owns everything and all we have is a gracious gift from Him. We have been placed in trust by God to use His gifts wisely to meet our needs and to bless others. We believe we have a corporate responsibility, as well, to work together to protect our environment and be responsible members of our world, nation, local community and church family.

Respect FamilyBelieving that home and church are the two divinely appointed institutions; we should do all to participate in and protect and bless our personal and church families.

ExcellenceWe believe that the life of Christ in us makes it possible to live life on its highest plane. Therefore, all we do should reflect a commitment in giving our best, doing our best in all things at all times.

Vision Statement:
To lead every new member from decision to discipleship

Mission Statement:
To counsel, encourage, and equip new disciples with a solid foundation of the Gospel

There’s a place for you!
The goal of the new members ministry is to help them understand church membership. It will also help them to discover their new identity in Christ and develop meaningful relationships. As they grow in their relationship with Christ they will learn that they have a role in personal ministry through service in the church.

The Goals of the New Jerusalem M.B. Church New Members Ministry is to:

  • Share the basis beliefs of the church
  • Share the discipleship ministry process
  • Explain why membership is important
  • Encourage involvement in church ministry

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