21 Day Daniel Fast 2023

New Jerusalem M. B. Church21 Day Daniel Fast

Check out a couple of Daniel Fast Cooking Videos submitted by our members.

Jennifer Jackson HallVeggie Mix with Just Egg (plant-based egg product)

Below you will find recipes and resources to help you through our 21 Day Daniel Fast. Please feel free to use these as you progress through these days of spending quality time in prayer and communication with Our Father God, through Jesus Christ.

Also, take note of the prayer points for our Ministry. As you pray for your personal, spiritual growth, remember to lift up our Church Ministry overall and using the prayer points below. Thank you!

Prayer Points

Pastor and Deacons:

  • That God will grant the Pastor and Deacons with strength, power, and discernment in leading
  • That God will create a deeper yearning in our hearts for Him
  • That God will redirect our attention as a church, to Him
  • That God will show to us our desperate need of Him and His power
  • That God will show us how weak we are and reveal to us our limitations without Him, regardless of how strong we think we are
  • That God will show us how to intentionally engage our membership
  • That God will make us compassionate for the lost
  • That God will help us to grow our youth to be solid and established in His word

Youth Ministry (overall)

  • Relationship with God
  • Peer pressure
  • Mental health
  • Bullying
  • Substance Abuse (weed, alcohol, vaping)
  • Loving Self/Confidence
  • Decision making
  • Self-control/impulsivity
  • Violence
  • Proper use of social media
  • Sex/Dating
  • Teen Pregnancy / Abstinence

Youth Ushers

  • Prayer for the Youth Usher ministry leader
  • That the members of this ministry better understand the importance of an Ushering
  • That we are the front-line in meeting and greeting visitors, and that bears heavily on if people will return to our church
  • To be in attendance when possible and obedient when instructed. Ushering is not to be taken lightly

Mission Ministry

  • Praying that each individual seeks God Daily for ways we can be a blessing to others through service with clean hearts and pure motives as we follow Christ’s lead
  • Praying that our hearts, minds, and souls be United and anointed for God’s Purpose in 2023

Men’s Ministry

  • Pray for the Men’s Ministry Leader
  • That we are more visible in 2023. Just having the presence of Men, at our church events, in the community and whenever needed, makes a big impact. We are needed
  • That we become bigger leaders in our church. It seems that women take the lead on a vast number of things in church, while men passively watch
  • We implement more solutions for men’s spiritual, mental and physical health
  • That we grow our Men’s Ministry through intentionally engaging prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit


Fasting Resources